January 29, 2006

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Public Space Coming to Your Newsstands/News from its “Forerunner”–Paris Review
You don’t go to newsstands any longer. Yeah. A new publication should send you returning: Public Space. Founded by a former editor with the Paris Review, which decided to cut back on fiction, Brigid Hughes wanted to “make fiction and poetry the stars of a new conversation.” In its forum called “If You See Something, Say Something,” writers sound off about current events. This month, Rick Moody writes “Inspired by a True Story: Rick Moody on James Frey and J.T. Leroy.” Public Space recognizes that the electronic age is upon the writing field, providing readers or wanna-to-be readers with email announcements and access to some of the issue’s work. Review teases the reader with portions of articles, such as an interview with Turkish novelist Orhan Pamuk. The interview forms a piece of the expanding “Art of Fiction” series that the publication has run for years. A reader can download in a PDF format interviews with such writers as Robert Penn Warren.

News about James Frey and A Million Little Pieces
Who gives a damn at this point? Everyone has an opinion, everyone ignores the simplicity of rhetoric’s rules, behaving like schoolchildren. The episode is like watching puss grow on an open wound. If you must continue to watch this brouhaha unfold, read Edward Wyatt’s New York Times piece that answers the question: What of Frey’s literary agent and the book’s editor?

The Drama in Drama
Howard Brenton scandalized British theater a quarter of a century ago with the staging of The Roman in Britain. Producers are reviving the play, and in The Guardian, Brenton writes about the Eighties, imperialism, and Mary Whitehouse.

Across the pond (a rather boring cliché) in New York, the New York Times (Sunday edition) reports that director Edward Einhorn is suing playwright Nancy McClernan and producer Jonathan Flagg. Einhorn is not suing because McClernan and Flagg fired him as director of Tam Lin. He is suing because they are using his “copyrighted” directorial intellectual property. In an article of the same edition, written by Dave Itzkoff, award-winning screenwriter and playwright David Mamet, a graduate of my alma mater, Goddard College, Plainfield, Vermont, sounds off about working on a television show.

He Writes without Writing
The renowned philosopher—some say the greatest philosopher in several generations—Saul Kripke does not write per se. He reads, he thinks, then he lectures. Someone records his lectures, he edits them, and he edits them. Should you want to become verdant with envy, see Charles McGarth’s New York Times article “Philosopher, 65, Lectures Not about ‘What Am I?’ but ‘What is I?’


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  1. Mergatroyd Says:

    Please see The Strange Case of Edward Einhorn v. Mergatroyd Productions for details on the TAM LIN case.

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