February 3, 2006

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BlogLogo3.jpgDiary of a Mad Writer—Not Really
In the Feb. 9 issue of the London Review of Books, James Lasdum writes, “About twelve years ago (to elevate myself into this company) I went through a period of disenchantment with the writing life. There were the external blows familiar to most writers: work turned down, bad reviews, anthologies that seemed to have been conceived around the idea of the most pointed possible exclusion of oneself. And then there were the more damaging internal factors, principally a weird mixture of workaholism and feeble inspiration that left me at the end of each day with pages of drivel and my own version of the feeling Kafka describes in his diary as ‘inner leprosy’ (I became an aficionado of such states and their attendant texts).” He explains how his life changed as an individual and a writer.

The Return of Travel Writing?
In the Columbia Journalism Review, Robert Kaplan explores the nature of journalism today: “as punditry has crowded out the space once owned by print correspondents, the public is increasingly removed from the intangible essences and minutiae of distant places that explain the present, and thus forewarn of the future.”

Freedom of Expression Labels
Barabara Glauber, a graphic artist and a founder of SmokingGun.com, which outed James Frey, has proposed a variety of labels that authors and publishers can slap on books. It appears on the Op-Ed page of the New York Times.


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