February 6, 2006

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Young Writer Looks at Stegner
Up-and-coming writer Kyle Minor takes a look at “A Field Guide to the Western Birds,” which appeared in Wallace Stegner’s Collected Stories. The story appears in www.beatrice.com.

Writer Denied U.S. Residency
As I noted several weeks ago, Yiyun Li asked for U.S. residency on the ground of “extraordinary ability in the arts.” She wrote A Thousand Years of Good Prayers and she has won the Pushcart Prize, the Plimpton Prize for New Writers, and the Frank O’Connor International Short Story Award. She was denied—even with support from Salman Rushdie and editor David Remnick. The Washington Post quoted her as saying that she would file an appeal.

Maddening Crowd
In Slate, Jay Dixit provides an overview of the coverage of the outrage of Muslims about cartoons published in a Danish newspaper that depicted Muhammad.

All in the Family
Vikram Seth has long established his reputation as a writer, but he is a writer walking in the footsteps of other family members. See how Somini Sengupta reveals the writer in the New York Times.


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