February 13, 2006

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Bloglogo1.jpgA Discussion with Joanna Trollope
“I’m no lyrical stylist, you wouldn’t pick me for a perfect sentence, and I certainly wouldn’t describe my novels as intellectual.” That’s the quotation from Joanna Trollope that Lisa Allardice uses for her Guardian article “Survival Tactics.” In addition, Louisa Young tells how bedtime stories became a bestseller.

In the same issue, David Hare pays tribute to theater producer Joe Papp on the 50th anniversay of his Public Theater.

Pedantry Praised
“Possibly only Stephen King rivals David Crystal in terms of literary productivity: King has written millions of words and lives in Bangor, Maine; Crystal has written millions of words and is a professor of linguistics in Bangor, Wales. But there, alas, the neat, enfolding similarities between these two great logomonomaniacs seem to end: King writes schlock about madmen, haunted cars and menstruating teenagers; Crystal writes about language,” writes Ian Sansom in the Guardian.


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