February 19, 2006

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Blog021906_html_mc2becce.jpg“In the summer of 1979, just when Yvette Santerre thought her children were all safely launched and out of the house, her granddaughter came to stay in Hermosa Beach and came down with a fever, and then a rash.” That’s the first sentence for the first chapter of Maile Meloy’s novel A Family Daughter. (The illustration was created by Andre Carriho for the New York Times.)

There’s also the first chapters for two other well-received novels, Company by Max Barry and The Good Life by Jay McInerney.

Keither Gessen in “In Search of the Great American Hockey Novel” wonders why hockey has played such a marginal role in American literature. I guess he had not read “Vancouver Dreams” by Frank Zafiro, which appeared in the Summer 2005 edition of SNReview.

The Return of the Serial Novel?
Claire Bott in Publishing News Online believes that she is detecting a trend toward the serial novel, such as At Risk which appeared in the NYTimes. The Guardian has also been running several.

How the Novel Works
Someone knows? Well John Mullan is pretending, and he does a good job. In the Guardian article “Style and Substance,” he discusses John Banville’s use of the first person narrative: He “has a liking for first-person narration and for narrators who fell compelled to go back to things, to go back over things.”


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