February 25, 2006

Angels at his Back and the Guardian
BlogLogo5.jpgIn “Omens and Poetic Licence” for the Guardian, John Banville describes the “angel at his back” moment when he decided to plunder the lives of Louis MacNeice and Anthony Blunt to creat Victor Maskell. Gerlad Clarke in the same publication goes into the nature of Truman Capote and his love of movies—from adolescence to his script gig in Italy.

Guardian.gifActually the Guardian ranks as one of the best publications for writers and readers. For example, click this link, and you could read excerpts from Enemy Combatant, the biography of Moazzam Begg, the start of Jay McInerney’s The Good Life, John Updike’s reaction to paintings by Winslow Homer from Looking the Overlooked, a portrait of a writer from Javier Marias’s Written Lives, the horror of Kurt Vonnegut about American hypocrisy in his new memoir A Man Without a Country. And there are more.

Let’s not forget the Original Fiction section.


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