March 3, 2006

How Graham Greene Stumbled on a King’s Spy
BlogLogo.jpgMost individuals have no idea what Tallinn is, never mind its location, but 72 years ago Graham Greene went to the capital of Estonia to “escape to someplace new.” During a train ride, he met Peter Edmuind James Leslie, the King’s vice-consul at the British Embassy in Tallinn. Ian Thomson in a London Times discusses the relationship with the man who probably was a King’s spy.

e-Speak Aint No Language, but What of Scots?
like the boils of a pussy plague, computer-speak has leaked from the land of geekdom text-messagers and IMers into the classroom students send e-mails without regard of standard english grammar avoiding commas and periods thinking that it don’t make a difference in English Today angela cheater says its gots its own rules.

Nathan Bierma for the Chicago Tribune takes her to task: “Cheater’s suggestion that the grammar of e-English is new or different doesn’t hold up. In fact, for each of her categories of the ways words are formed in e-English, I found an example from regular English.” A thought: Is there regular English?

Meanwhile Ian Bell in the Glasgow The Herald asks: “Is Scots just a dialect, a kind of linguistic colony, or,even in the 21st century, a marker of cultural independence? As arguments go, it’s a scunner.”

NYPL Buys Burroughs Papers
The New York Public Library will get the Beat with the purchase of the William S. Burroughs archive for its Berg Collection of English and American Literature, which includes Jack Kerouac’s works.


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