The Translator’s Art/The NBCC Awards/London Book Fair/Atwood from Afar/Again T. Morrison/Self-Censorship?

March 6, 2006

Lost in Translation
bloglogo.jpgThe New Yorker article “left the impression that the translations had just dropped from the sky or that Hamsun had done them himself,” [Sverre] Lyngstad told me in a telephone interview. “You always like to be recognized for your work. The absence of such recognition raises the whole issue of the translator’s very function and status, in seeming to suggest that citations from a translated text can be made without any mention of the person who brought it into existence,” writes J. Peder Zane for The News & Observer.

The March Marches On
On Friday, The March by E.L. Doctorow won the National Book Critics Circle prize for fiction. The book by the 75-year-old author already won the Pultizer. The nonfiction award went to Svetlana Alexievich for Voice from Chernobyl. Biography went to Kai Bird and Martin Sherwin for American Prometheus. Authobiography was given to Francine du Plessix Gray for Them.

Fifty Big-Wigs of English Publishing
News at the London Book Fair must be slow. It would be the only explanation for the Guardian’s Our Top 50 Player sin the World of Books.” Meanwhile, the Orange Prize longlist for fiction was announced at the fair.

Atwood Signs Books in Manhattan from London
Using a gadget called LongPen, Canadian novelist Margaret Atwood signed books in Manhattan’s McNally-Robinson bookstore while she was in London, reports the Guaridan.

Another Look at T. Morrison
Washginton Post
book reviewer Jonathan Yardley recalls his discovery of Toni Morrison.

The Value of Self-Censorship
In “The Right to Ridicule” for the New York Review of Books, Ronald Dworkin praises the British and American press for not publishing the Danish cartoons that angered millions of Muslims.


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