Power of the Net/Spoetry?

March 7, 2006

Power of the Net
The influence of computer and Internet-based software and programs will eventually alter the publishing field. The bloglogo1.jpgquestion remains: How? At the London Book Fair opening on Sunday, scores of publishing executives packed a lecture hall to hear John Needham of Google discuss Google’s Book Search. What are these publishing executives worried about? Copyright infringement. Translation: Loss of revenue. Read Samson Spanier’s “Theme of London Book Fair Is What Technology Can Do” in the New York Times.

It’s no small matter for the big-wigs of publishing. Nigel Newton called for a boycott of Google in a Guardian article. Meanwhile in Publishing News, Alberto Vitale, the former Chairman of Random House, wants the publishing industry to wake up and smell the gigabytes. For even more information about the exchange of information on the Web, check out Standford University Legal Professor Lawrence Lessig’s site (www.lessig.org).

Poetry Spam—Spoetry?
In the Guardian, Eva Wiseman writes: “Some spam emails are filled with nonsense. Others simply fill the heart. Recently, under a colorful link to a Web site selling penis extensions, I found this poetic jewel…”


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