March 11, 2006

Marketing a Book
bloglogo2.jpgWhen it comes to marketing a work and getting mileage from it, most writers could take a lesson from the most unlikely of sources: former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan. Not only did he get Penguin Press to pay $8.5 million for his memoir, he has Slate publishing some of his earlier versions of the book.

Who Gives a Damn about the Humanities
For a whole variety of reasons—social, intellectual, and technological—the humanities have been losing their confident position at the core of the university’s mission. This represents an important turning-point, not just for education, but for our culture as a whole. Ever since the Renaissance, the humanities have defined what it means to be an educated person.” That’s the start of Adam Kirsch’s “Rereading the Renaissance” in Harvard Magazine.

Does Realism Rule?
James Wood says it does in his essay “Realism Rules (Still)” for Prospect. “Here are two recent statements about literary realism, statements so typical of their age that a realist novelist would have been proud to have imagined them into life. The life is by Rick Moody, reviewing JM Coetzee’s novel Elizabeth Costello in Bookforum: ‘It’s quaint to say so, but the realistic novel still needs a kick in the ass…’” Wood has more to say.


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