Hugo Williams, the Poet/Why Is This Stuff Published?

March 26, 2006

Rachel Cooke Interviews Poet Hugo Williams
“[Hugo] Williams is just back from the Greek island of Skyros where he was teaching poetry and watching the goat festival, in which young men
dress up in goat skins and dash about the place in scenes straight out of the Bacchae,” writes Rachel Cooke of the award winning poet in the Guardian.

Chapter 13 of Zugzwang
The Observer is running a story by Ronan Bennett called “Zugzwang.” It reads like a Gothic novel mixed with Tolstoy without favorable results. The New York Times is putting out Chris Ware's “Funny Pages” for several months, a graphic novel whose characters and settings are as two-dimensional as the illustrations. The Times also is publishing a serial novel called “The Risk,” another Gothic melodrama of low-intrigue. Finally there's “Family Heirloom,” for which I cannot even fathom why it was published. I thought it me, getting old and farty, not understanding the “new.” Then I read “The Modern Hunter-Gatherer” by Michael Pollan, who provides a rich, three-dimensional look at the gathering of food and its implication on the psyche. It's brilliant for its depth, rigor, and humor, all indicating to me that the Times's staff my judge non-fiction better than fiction.


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