Women Writers?/New Book Award/Freedom of Expression

April 6, 2006

What's the Difference?
In an essay for the Independent, Caroline Phillips reports that Githa Harharan exclaim: "It's not a terribly useful label [woman writer] if it just becomes lazy, a way to ghettoise. I don't really like separating women from men novelists. Most female novelists of any calibre are not writing novels that remotely suggest they're written by women."

New Novel Award
The Mercahntile Library Center for Fiction has created the John Sargent Sr. First Novel Prize in recognition of the importance of fiction and the work of former Doubleday Presdient John Sargent Sr. Publishers must submit full-length novels.

Yahoo Helped Imprison Writer?
Yu Zhang of the Chinese Independent PEN Centre's Writers in Prison Committee has formally complained that Yahoo assisted in the conviction of journalist/poet Shi Tao for trading state secrets. Read the story in the Guardian.


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