Poems and Essays in SNReview

April 8, 2006

Here's the list of poets and essayist who appear in the recent issue of SNReview.


Jeff Lockwood wrote “The Old Wharf.” His poetry has appeared in The FifthStreet Review (where he was a featured artist), Tiferet, A Journal of Spiritual Literature, the Kennesaw Review, Tribal Fires Journal, Bitter Oleander Press (forthcoming), March Street Press (a book-length manuscript of poems and prose poems, forthcoming), SNReview (Summer 2004), and other creative and academic publications. He’s received numerous academic awards, including the Fulbright, and he's a Sequoyah Fellow. Lockwood makes his home in the Cabinet Mountains of Montana, but still calls his birthplace, Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, home. Lockwood is of Chippewa ancestry. He recently completed the MFA-Writing program at Goddard College, Plainfield, Vermont. He is currently working in the Ukraine with the Peace Corps as a university teacher.

Angela Lungu, who has six poems in the issue, is originally from Romania, presently residing in Reno, Nevada. She admires and enjoys the work of Paulo Coelho, Fred Hoyle, (Mistress) Anne Bradstreet and William Blake.

By day, Amber May, who has two poems in the issue, is a biology major and aspiring pre-med at University of Chicago, holding leadership positions on the Pre-Medical Students Association, Treasurer of the Classical Entertainment Society, Athletic Trainer at the gym, and Surgical Assistant. By night, she revels in the power and release of creating poems and poetic prose. Amber has been published in various periodicals and has read her work at numerous poetry fests.

Michelle McGrane, whose poetry also appears in SNReview, was born in Zimbabwe and spent her childhood in Malawi. She is a freelance writer and reviewer. Her poetry has been published in local literary journals and internationally in the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States. Michelle has published two collections of poetry, Fireflies & Blazing Stars (2002) and Hybrid (2003). She was the recipient of the South African Writers' Circle Hilde Slinger Poetry Award in 2003 and the Quill Award in 2004. She is the English Poetry Editor of the South African literary website, Litnet, (www.litnet.co.za) Michelle lives in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

There were two essays in the latest issue.


Joseph Conlin, who wrote “Life on Mars,” teaches English and creative writing at the University of Bridgeport, Sacred Heart University, and Western Connecticut State University. His short stories have appeared in the Fairfield Review, Antigonist Review, Hob-Nob, Sulphur River Review, Maryland Review, and others. His non-fiction has appeared in a variety of magazines. A publisher is considering his novel Orlando Tales. He also edits SNReview.

Matthew Smith, who wrote “The Art of Smiling,” is studying at Harvard with author Jamaica Kincaid and will study in Italy next semester while working part-time for Time magazine.


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