Shameless Promotion for SNReview

April 8, 2006

In the recent issue of SNReview, a variety of authors offer their wonderful short stories, poetry, and essays.

Martin Brick, who wrote “Apogee,”studied fine arts at St. Norbert College and is working on his doctorate in British literature at Marquette University. His stories have appeared in Thieves Jargon, Somewhat, Half Drunk Muse, Pindeldybox, and The Orphan Leaf Review.

Nels Hanson, who wrote “The Double,”graduated from UC Santa Cruz and the U of Montana and his fiction won the Joseph D. Phelan Award from the San Francisco Foundation and an honorable mention in its Joseph Henry Jackson competition. His stories have appeared in the Antioch Review, Texas Review, Black Warrior Review, Long Story, Southeast Review, South Dakota Review and other literary journals.

Aaron Hellem, who wrote “When They Yell Wyoming,” attends the MFA Program at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. His works have most recently appeared in Facets Magazine, the Bitter Oleander, Antithesis Common, Indite Circle, and Projected Letters . Also, works of his are forthcoming in the Pisgah Review, Avatar Review, and the Gihon River Review.

Lily Hoang, who wrote “Empty Bottles,” is an MFA candidate at the University of Notre Dame. Her work has appeared in Square One, BlazeVOX, and Invisible Insurrection.

Paul Kavanagh, who wrote “Run,” has been published in Thieves Jargon, Underground Voices, Unlikely stories, Milk Magazine, Laurahird, Cellar Door, The Layabout, Skive Magazine, Mad Swirl, Zygote in my Coffee, The Lampshade, Girls with Insurance, zafusy Poetry Journal, and a few others.

Letitia Lehua Moffitt, who wrote “The Revolution to Save Beatrice,” has had stories published in Black Warrior Review, The Aux Arc Review, Jabberwock Review, The Fairfield Review, The MacGuffin, and Yawp; she has also published poetry in Dos Passos Review and literary criticism in Critique. She recently received a doctoral degree in English and creative writing from Binghamton University in New York and will teach creative writing this fall as Assistant Professor at Eastern Illinois University.

We’ll post the poetry and essay links by tomorrow.


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