Poetry of Amber May from SNReview

April 21, 2006

Fresh Strawberry

In the garden of my youth
Winter comes to reign
I become aware of the cold as it freezes me piece by piece
Finger tips, lips, and finally—my heart
I turn numb against the pain of bitter ice
Sweet sunlight caresses me with momentary glimpses of a paradise beyond
And the blizzard blinds me again
Left only colder
Wandering amidst the whiteness, pure yet void
Fog so thick about me
I wonder whether I am dreaming or in a dream
Fall to my hands and knees
Cry out to be saved
From a hell I know exists because I taste it day by day
Draw closer to its decrepit gates
Feel the vile aura seep into me
My eyes are closed, please say I’m dreaming
As the nightmare becomes reality
Spinning slowly, fever rising
Reach out, clutch desperately
Fresh strawberry against the white void
Lush redness amidst the purity
I place the fruit upon my lips
Frozen I hardly feel the rich nectar
Filling me with life
I still feel the last drops inside me
My soul dances in ecstasy
As I soar high above
Leaving a worn shell on earth
Red strawberry smeared against the white

Read more of her poetry.


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