When They Yell Wyoming by Aaron Hellem

April 28, 2006

Her boyfriend was a warrior, but he was in jail down in Cheyenne. I was the only one she knew who had a car and I told her I'd drive her down there to bail

him out. It was right around that time that I decided I'd rob a bank for her if she asked me to. She said it was up to her to save him. She had three hundred of the bail money and I loaned her the rest. If we drove straight through, we could get there in a day.

We didn't pack any clothes or anything. She got the call and got the money together. I picked her up in the early morning and we were on the highway when the sun came up. We had the windows down. It was the beginning of summer and was already hot. Her long black hair whipped around in the wind, but never got in her face. I thought it might have been because it was trained not to, all those years of her ancestors riding on the backs of horses. I wondered what she was thinking behind her sunglasses.

Read the rest of Aaron Hellem's story in SNReview.


One Response to “When They Yell Wyoming by Aaron Hellem”

  1. Scott Says:

    This is a very fine piece, capturing well the esoteric tension that exists within undefined relationships. The story is told well, and the words masterfully evoke mental images of the characters and their actions. Three stars.

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