Font of Knowledge?/Smith Gets Another/Translation

May 2, 2006

Font of Knowledge Running Dry
That's the word from the Oxford English Corpus. The database claims that dozens of phrases are being misspelled frequently. Here are some examples: slight of hand instead of sleight of hand, phase by it instead of fazed it, butt naked instead of buck naked, vocal chords instead of vocal cords. Need more, try straight-laced for strait-laced, just desserts for just deserts, font of knowledge for fount of knowledge, and free reign for free rein. For more information about these 21st malapropisms, read
Patrick Barkham's essay “Internet Culture Spells Doom for Strait-Laced Orthographer” from the Guardian.

The Honors Pile Up for Smith
After winning the Whitbread and being shortlisted last week for the Orange, The Accidental by Ali Smith has landed on the shortlist for the James Tait Black Memorial Prize. Read more in
Michelle Pauli's Guardian essay “Ali Smith Hits the Shortlists Again.” But there is more to the prizes than money, says Kate Mosse in the London Telegraph.

It's All in the Translation
The acclaimed French novel Kiffe Kiffe Demain, written by then 15-year-old Friza Guene, has sold 200,000 copies, and now it is being translated into 23 languages. But how does one translate the ethnic street slang found in the high-rises of the Paris suburbs. Get a glimpse in
“Unrecognized and Unseen” from the London Telegraph.

The Makings of Mo Hayder
“The cirme write [Mo Hayder] tells
Mary Wakefield she's just an average Essex girl, even if she is fascinated by blood and gore and she did once try to kill her brother.”


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