Roth Wins/Write in LA/Translations Lost/Alderman Gets Another Chance

May 3, 2006

Roth in the News Again—A Winner
Just weeks after the release of his new novel, Everyman, and a publicity swing that would make any writer jealous, Philip Roth received the PEN/Nabokov Award for lifetime achievement. That recognition comes with a $20,000 check. Meanwhile, PEN gave its Voelcker Poetry Award to Linda Gregg and its Laura Pels Foundation Awards for Drama to Adrienne Kennedy and Stephen Adly Guirgis.

A Place to Write
“Los Angeles, thankfully, suffers no such literary community [as does New York City]. No one is looking over our choulders. No covens of illuminati enforce the borders between genres. About this time each year, we puff ourselves up over the vibrancy of the local 'lit' scene, but (though it's true that L.A. Has no shortage of greater writers) we're talking to ourselves.” That's how novelist Ben Enrenreich, whose novel The Suitors was published this month by Counterpoint Press, describes LA in his Los Angeles Times essay “
A Perfect Place for Fiction.”

What Are Americans Missing?
“Only three percent of books published in the United States are translations, compared with almost seventy percent in Italy. And of that three percent…'many were technical manuals or reference works.'…'There's something seriously wrong in the landscape of American publishing.'…[I]t's no ownder Americans often misunderstand the rest of the world, given how little we publish and read about it.” That's the report from Philadelphia Inquirer book critic
Carlin Romano.

Second Chance for Alderman
First-time novelist Naomi Alderman was awarded with Disobedience being placed on the Orange Prize's longlist, but it was not shortlisted. But there's a second chance. The novel is the running Orange's new writers prize, which comes with an award valued near $25,000. Other writers on the list include Olga Grushin for The Dream Life of Sukhanov and Yiyun Li for A Thousand Years of Good Prayers, which won the Frank O'Connor International Short Story award last year. For more, click this


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