Banville Explains/Talking with Guene/Maupin’s Award

May 11, 2006

Cody's Closing
Just like many of the British bookstores noted in yesterday's blog, Cody's Books will close its flagship store. For generations it served students at the University of California at Berkeley. The store is shuttering up because competition from chain stores and the Internet has eaten in book sales.

Banville Explains Himself
When John Banville received his Booker Prize last year for The Sea, he said in thanks: “It is good to see a work of art being recognized!” The Age reports in an exclusive interview with Banville that “many cheered, whether for the unapologetic arrogance of the remark or for the truth of it, or perhaps stirred by the whiff of drama in the room. But the sense of outrage among certain of the glitterati only ratcheted up a notch, to spew out the next day in newspaper column-centimeters of invective.”

Talking with Faiza Guene
Sarah Adams for the Guardian notes that the literary establishment “cold shouldered” Guene and her debut novel on race and the sexes but that youngsters growing up on the sprawling suburban housing estates in France have embraced her. “Across Paris, tongues wag at the prospect of the demonstrations turning nasty. But I find Guene—who enjoys nothing better than straightening out the media's warped take on the city's deprived, riot-torn outskirts—perched at a bar, scribbling away in her notebook, calm as you like.”

A few days early in The Independent, Nicholas Tucker reviews Guene's Just Like Tomorrow with the headline: “Just Like Tomorrow by Faiza Guene, Trans Sarah Adams.”

American Awarded in Britain
“Tales of the City, Armistead Maupin's six-volume chronicle of gas and straight life in San Francisco, was hailed yesterday as Britain's favourite lesbian or gay novel.” Maupin won the Big Gay Read. Read more.


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