Boylan Dead/Don’t Laugh/Best in SS Goes to…/Getting into Print/More on the Code

May 17, 2006

Boylan Dead
After battling an illness, Clare Boylan died yesterday. She had written seven novels, three collections of short stories, as well as two other books. She is best remembered for Emma Browne, which was based on a unfinished manuscript by Charlotte Bronte.

Don't Laugh
Susan Mansfield starts her essay with the following quotation: “If you are a writer who's worried about your reputation,” says Stuart McLean, …”don't touch humour. Serious writers are rewarded with success, humorists with Brussels sprouts.”

The Best in Short Stories Goes to…
James Lasdun. He beat out William Trevor, Michel Faber, Rana Dasgupta, and Rose Tremain in Britain's first National Short Story Competition with An Anxious Man. He will receive ₤15,000. The Brit, living in the U.S., has written two collections of short stories and three books of poetry. Landscape with Chainsaw was on the Forward Prize shortlist in 2001.

Asian and Black Poets Don't Get Their Share
John Ezard writes: “Arts Council England is to launch talks between publishers and black and Asian poetry to try to get more of them published. The move comes after research indicated that eight percent get work into print despite their popularity at poetry readings.”

More on the Code
“Michael Baigent describes the Da Vinci Code court case as 'one of the worst experiences of my life.' And no wonder—he lsot a fortune trying to prove Dan Brown had plagiarized his book. Still, he tells Maev Kennedy [of the Guardian], he has not regrets.”


One Response to “Boylan Dead/Don’t Laugh/Best in SS Goes to…/Getting into Print/More on the Code”

  1. dogfaceboy Says:

    Susan Mansfield is right. I have been thinking about this for about a decade now: how humor is undervalued. We love a good laugh, and we pay big bucks for a live Seinfeld appearance. But comedies don’t win the Oscars for best picture. You can’t be a comedy and a best picture at the same time. David Sedaris is a genius, but he doesn’t get the literary respect he deserves.

    This wouldn’t concern me in the least if I weren’t so damned funny.

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