Where Are the Independents?/Return of Serialization?

May 18, 2006

Where Have All the Indies Gone? Who Cares?
For more than a decade people have lamented the decline of the independent bookstore. They complain about the rise of the chains with their ill-informed staff. (Here's one: My son with a degree in English from a well-known school was looking for part-time work. A chain bookstore hired him. Did they put in the literature section or any book section? Nope. The store manager had him making coffee—a person who never made coffee, never drank coffee, and thought it a silly drink.) Tyle Cowen in his Slate essay “What Are Independent Bookstores Really Good For?” asks what have we lost.

Return of Serialization?
Rachel Deahl of PW Daily reports that for the first time in half a century Harper's Magazine will serial a book—J. Robert Lennon's Happyland, a satire about a town taken over by a doll manufacturer.


One Response to “Where Are the Independents?/Return of Serialization?”

  1. Matt Says:

    There are still a few very good indies.

    Changing Hands in Tempe is first rate.

    They got me on two television show and written up in the local paper. Borders and B&N can´t beat that.


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