The Da Vinci Code Industry/Downside of Book Tours/Dancing with the Devil/Cast of Characters

May 19, 2006

The Da Vinci Code Industry
You could argue that entire publishing industry has evolved from the Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code. Aside from the books debunking or explaining the code in the Code, there are travel guides and even a diet book. Here's the kicker: Some of these books are best sellers. Read Mike Thomas' analysis from the Chicago Sun-Times.

You could argue that a protest industry is evolving as well. “Five hundred Orthodox believers, joined by priests and monks, rang bells and held up banners outside a movie theater to protest The Da Vinci Code [the movie],” says the Associated Press report coming out of Moldova. Priests in other countries have warned of similar protests, one claiming that people will take the fiction as fact.

The Downside of Book Tours
Every writer wants a book tour, a chance to sell more books, to make a publisher happy, and to ensure a contract for another book. But it ain't peaches and cream, as Al Martinez explains in his Los Angeles Times story.

Dancing with the Devil
Richard Lea reports that Saddam Hussein's fourth novel is on sell in Japan. “The manuscript of Devil's Dance…tells the story of an heroic Arab tribesman who defeats a Judeao-Christian plot to take over his town.” This is the maniac's second novel.

Cast of Characters
Richard Lingeman's survey of seven eminent literary friendships, each deftly sketched, is remarkably absorbing, given its brevity across two centuries and the fact that its cast of characters changes every 30 pages or so.” That's the start of Roy Blount, Jr.'s review of Lingeman's Double Lives:American Writers' Friendships. Interesting article about famous authors. Click to read.


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