Spring Frolic, March 1953 by Donna Vitucci–A Taste of Spring SNReview

May 30, 2006

Inside the administration building, employees like Patrice kept meticulous inventory of the comings and goings of every particle of matter related to the process at the Fernald plant run by National Lead of Ohio. What the process was exactly, Patrice didn't know. She couldn't wrap her mind around the idea of salt turning to liquid, then metal, with all the steps of heating, firing, pouring, lathing and cutting. The plant was processing uranium for the government –that's as much as she'd keep in her head about it. Just as well, because you couldn't talk about it on the outside. Security gave a speech outlining the company’s expectations that you hush about work once you stepped beyond Fernald gates. Each night papers were locked in a safe, so what was in the office you left at the office, what was in the plant you left at the plant. Patrice had no one to talk to but her mother, so for her secrecy was not a problem….Click to read more.


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