Da Vinci and Plagiarism/Sorrentino Dead/Saturday Wins Tait Black

June 7, 2006

Da Vinci Code Still Plagued with Plagiarism Charges
In the latest issue of Vanity Fair, Seth Mnookin explores the claims that Dan Brown borrowed much of his plot from a less popular novel called Daughter of God written by Lewis Perdue. Read more about the story in Motoko Rich's article “Magazine Revisits Claim of 'Da Vinci' Borrowing.” Or read about it in the Book Standard.

Sorrentino Dead
Gilbert Sorrentino died at 77. He is best know for his novel Mulligan Stew, but I remember best Aberration of Starlight. I might like his work because he was raised in my hometown of Brooklyn (New York of course) and went to Brooklyn College, only a quarter mile from my home. He also wrote poetry. Read more about Sorrentino in the Guardian.

McEwan's Saturday Wins Tait Black
The best-seller Saturday, written by Ian McEwan, did not get shortlisted for the Booker or the Whitbread, but it did manage to win the James Tait Black Memorial prize. Read more about the book and author in Michelle Pauli's article, “McEwan's Saturday Wins UK's Oldest Literary Prize.”


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