What Do Editors Think About/Young Poet/”10 Questions for Wole Solyinka”

June 18, 2006

What Do Editors Think About?
Most writers want to know and that's what Globe and Mail book critic Sarah Hampson discovered as she interviewed Ellen Seligman, publisher of fiction and vice president of McClelland & Stewart, the century-old Canadian publishing house. She “understands fiction from the inside out and is an authority on the mystery of the creative process and the need ('almost an affliction' she calls it) that 'real writers' have to write.”

Dylan Foley of the Denver Post talks with New Yorker editor David Remnick, who almost reported on Hurricane Katrina and wrote the recently published Reporting, a collection of his recent New Yorker Pieces.

A Young Poet
Joshua Stowe of the South Bend Tribune discovered a new poet in South Bend. His name is Nolan Liu. He enjoys reading classical literature. He's nine years old.

10 Questions for Wole Solyinka”
That's the headline for the Andrew Purvis and Revine Wosnitza article about the world-renowned author and playwirght, the first African to win the Nobel Prize for literature.


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