OutGoogling GoogleBooks / Authors Beware / Soyinka Talks to MoJo / Telling Something from a Cover / Advice for Writers

August 3, 2006

HarperCollins OutGoogling GoogleBooks?
Harper Collins recently announced that it will permit readers access to excerpts of the authors’ books at a section of wwwharpercollins.com called “Browse Inside.”

Authors Beware
Crown Publishers Senior Editor Luke Dempsey—even with his connections—couldn’t and didn’t expect money to promote the book he had written. He devised his own marketing plan. And at a seminar conducted by agents at the MFA program for Western Connecticut State University, agents warned would-be authors to devise their own plans.

Soyinka Talks to MoJo
“I am a glutton for tranquility” is one of the points that Nigerian writer Wole Soyinka makes in an interview with Dave Gilson of Mother Jones.

Telling Something from the Cover
Lionel Shriver has become fed up with the nature of book cover design so much so that he complained about in a Guardian essay and designed the cover for his seventh book.

Advice for Writers
Marketing expert Seth Godin notes that blurbs are out and blog mentions are in. See his column here.


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