Grenville Talks / Tony Who? / Life to Children’s Classics / Literature or Misogynies?

August 16, 2006

The Dead of the Literary Novel?
Kristin Tillotson of the Minneapolis Star Tribune wonders: “
Nonfiction, once relegated to the “good for you, like oatmeal” shelf, has become the kind of fare readers choose for enjoyment. In this age of declining readership for all sorts of publications, any reading is good reading, right? Maybe. But does a de-emphasis of the literary novel — still the form of entertainment that requires the most engagement and conjecture on the reader’s part — coincide with a devaluation of the imagination?”

Booker Nominee Talks
John Freeman of the Book Critics Circle interviews Kate Grenville, whose
The Secret River
was nominated for the Man Booker Prize. Here’s her description of the book: “The book started with questions about my own settler ancestor and an uneasy realisation that his “settling” mightn’t have been as uncomplicated thing as the family stories suggested.”

Potter Vs. Blair—Tony Who?
According to a survey conducted by Zogby Inernational, more Americans know who Harry Porter is than Tony Blair.

Giving New Life to Children’s Classics
Michelle Pauli talks with Robert Ingpen about how illustrations give new life to children’s literature.

Literature or Misogyny?
Charlotte Higgins writes in the Guardian: “Irvine Welsh, creator of the heroin-consuming characters Begbie, Renton, Sick Boy and Spud in his debut novel Trainspotting, has been accused of misogyny in his latest work.”


One Response to “Grenville Talks / Tony Who? / Life to Children’s Classics / Literature or Misogynies?”

  1. worstwriter Says:

    On Literture or Misogyny.

    Hey, I was accused of that once, too. Maybe it’s a trend because guys can’t iron shirts.


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