ChiTrib Lit Award / What about New Authors? / Poetry Workshop / Middle East & Writing / David Mitchell

August 18, 2006

Chicago Trib Announces Lit Award
Novelist Joyce Carol Oates won this year’s Chicago Tribune Literary Prize for lifetime achievement. Winners of the paper’s Heartland Prize include
At Canaan’s Edge by Taylor Branch and The Painted Drum by Louise Erdrich.

What about New Authors
In his report entitled “Another Turn of the Screw,” Barry Turner asks: Why, if more books are being published, are new authors being left out in the cold?

Kate Bingham’s Poetry Workshop
In yesterday’s Guardian, Kate Bingham, award-winning poet of Cohabitation, Quicksand, and Mummy’s Legs, started her workshop with this thought: “Repetition is something we usually try very hard to avoid, and the search for “another word for it” often leads poems into interesting new territory. It keeps us alert to lazy writing and the dangers of using only the everyday language we have at our fingertips.”

How Is the Middle East Affecting Regional Writers?
That’s the question that Richard Lea puts to writers such as Lebanese novelist Elias Khoury and Israeli writer Orly Castel-Bloom.

Profile of ‘Newer than New’ David Mitchell
The Guardian profiles Booker favorite David Mitchell, who has written Ghostwriten, Number9Dream, and Black Swan Green (this year’s Booker nomination), claiming that “the heady narrative trips of the 37-year-old’s first three novels owe a debt to the Japanese writer Haruki Murakami.”


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