PEN Awards

October 13, 2006

PEN USA Announces Awards
PEN USA has announced its winners of its LIterary Awards competition: Fiction–Percival Everett’s Wounded, Creative Nonfiction–Michael Chorost’s Rebuilt: How becoming Part Computer Made Me More Human, Research Nonfiction–Adam Hochschild’s Bury the Chains: Prophets and Rebels in teh Fight to Free an Empire’s Slaves, Poetry–Brian Turner’s Here, Bullet, Drama–Donald Freed’s Devil’s Advocate, Teleplay–Alex Tse’s Sucker Free City, and Geroge Clooney’s and Grant Heslov’s Good Night, and Good Luck. At the awards dinner in December, the association will give its lifetime achievement award to Jame Smiley.


4 Responses to “PEN Awards”

  1. King Wenclas Says:

    Awards dinner? Black tie? $500 a seat? $10,000 a table? At what swanky but secure location?
    PEN is a well-heeled aristocracy. Their motto: “All writers are equal, but some are more equal than others.”
    Have a good day!

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