SNReview Spring 2006 ISSN: 1527-344X Volume 8 Issue 1

Transitory Gestation by Malikah Goss
My wife and I no longer speak. Our life is a silent film where casual movements connotate conversation. Pouring a glass of orange juice equals Good morning, I feel overwhelmed by life today. …
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Excerpts from Burn Your Belongings by David Hoenigman
We're sitting on the steps watching someone else's children chase the pigeons. some drop. roll in the dust and are dragged away by their wrists. does she understand me…
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God and Men by Alyssa Kagel
My father wore his gray suit and brick colored tie every day for sixty-five years. To church and work, of course, but on Saturdays too. And after he retired, and then when he withered and neared death

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Like All the Things You've Waited For by David Mohan
Jig, a young American, sat outside the café, fascinated by the palm trees swaying in the warm breeze. In front of him was a sun-baked cobblestone street that led to the beach…
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The Sisters at the Cape by Dani Rado
Three sisters are spending a weekend at the Cape. One is engaged; one is a recent graduate with a B.A. in business; one is a lesbian. Here’s how their conversations go…

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Derelict by Nickalus Rupert
Hey, Brandon, you wanna hear a joke?” Joe asked. “I guess,” said Brandon. The boys swam opposite each other…

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The Fat Chick by Matthew Smith
So in walks this fat chick. This one couldn’t even pass for chubby. She’s plodding along, her sandals thwopping against the linoleum…
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Carinhos' Day by Eugenia Tsutsumi
Carlinhos stands in front of the rusty refrigerator in red briefs and prays to the Mother of God. He slowly opens its squeaky door. The dimly lit fridge contains one orange soda bottle. He sighs heavily…

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Spring Frolic, March 1953 by Donna D. Vitucci
Inside the administration building, employees like Patrice kept meticulous inventory of the comings and goings of every particle of matter related to the process at the Fernald plant run…

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The House by Robert W. Witt
Paul Stuart sat in his car at the end of the driveway, smoking and staring at the house on the hill, as he had been doing for the past few afternoons. The imposing house reflected to a degree the neglect…

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Sandalwood by Jay Wright
His base smell of sandalwood. (Ticking frozen sunlight.) The rest of it, breathing so fast now, scent of it in the freezing air. Oil of Bergamot. Coriander..
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Three Poems by John Grey
Esmerelda, The Man Waiting for Someone in the Park, The Question of My Survival

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Two Poems by Aryan Kaganof
The 23rd Litany of Bugs Chakra, The Beach

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Three Poems by Vanessa Kittle
Inside the Circle, Don't Look Too Close, New Roman Games

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Three Poems by A.P. Kruise
Short Story of a Short Man, What is Left, Elegy for Trishy

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Five Poems by Rich Murphy
The Arc of Oops, Family Business, The Guise, Love Story, Ravishing

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Four Poems by Ravi Shankar Rajan
Truth always prevails, Tragedy, Travels in hell, The Mask

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Three Poems by Lisa Zaran
So It Goes, You Are Someone, Lake Sorrow
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