SNReview Summer 2006 ISSN: 1527-344X Volume 8 Issue 2

The Country Singer Wants to Die
and That’s What I Life about Him by Ace Boggess

In the two years after my first local-band feature, I wrote a hundred stories for the Life page on rockers, rappers, punks, alternakids, jazz acts, orchestras, gospel groups, and even a barbershop quartet. National acts stopped by to chat or their managers called me up with quotes…

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Sand Girl in Kinshasa by Mona de Vestel

When I was five years old, I lived in a castle at the end of a road, on the side of a hill. Each day after my Tutsi mother had given me a bath and my Belgian father had kissed me goodnight, I would sneak out and go to the road…

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Such a Long Way to Fall, Nelson L. Eshleman

You have such a long way to fall, from that blithe, sunny school girl, freckles dancing lightly on high cheekbones. Graduating valedictorian, voted by your teachers most likely to succeed.

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Snowflake by Iris Green

I was small. Small and skinny with legs like a chicken. My arms always floundered at my sides, two stick-figured poles. At times I would stand in the mirror and force my arms to behave like those of a ballerina. They looked awkward….

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Inside Pitch by Kristin Kronstain

In the evenings, my husband, Jack, would stand just outside the backdoor and stare at our yard. Some days it was only for a few minutes, some days an hour. He’d pull on his Pittsburgh Pirates hat and jacket

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Gold’s by Kevin McAleer

To get back into shape after months of inactivity, I joined Gold’s Gym. A Valley branch had opened up in downtown Reseda and the membership fees were reasonable. It was a serious place

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Pergonal by Don McMillan

Serena unwrapped a syringe, held it by the needle, handed it to Wade the way she would a pair of scissors. He jabbed the needle into the orange: a jet of juice sprayed onto the starched sheet.

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Garage Cerbil by Peter Wild

Late in the cold night. And early in the warm morning. Nawaz and Hermat sit upon stools with their backs against the outside wall of the otherwise bereft Garage Gerbil, a circular plastic table

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The Boredom of Heaven by Christopher Woods

Night fog descends from the surrounding hills and cloaks the lake with ghost quilts. Even if he cannot see the night water, he smells it, hears its waves moving rhythmically at the shore where the village begin….

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Three Poems by Eric Bonholtzer

Scales and Balance, Solace, Murals

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Four Poems by Harry Brown

The Story of an Hour, Old Scratch Meets His Match, One Lovable, Mongrel Soul; Or, Buddy, Everything Its Opposite; Or, And I Ain’t Lyin’

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Three Poems by Irish Jamahl Dunkle

Jhnson; Cedars, Lilies, Stars; The View from Mercer Hospital, Pittsburgh, PA

PDF Version

Three Poems by Theresa Edwards

The Nurse on Percy, What Was Left, The Smell of Alcohol

PDF Version

Three Poems by Stephen Gyllenhaal Excerpted from Claptrap

Land of the Free, Communion, Enron in My Face

PDF Version

Tantalus’ Lament – A Poem by Brooke Hardy PDF Version

Three Poems by Talia Lavin

No More Love Songs, The Obnoxious Die Too, The Child: Tophet

PDF Version

Three Poems by Barbara F. Lefcowitz

Tea Kettle Requirem, Manhattan Marigolds, What the Round Things Mean

PDF Version

Three Poems by Michelle McGrane

Learning to skate, A sort of Valentine, the man upstairs

PDF Version

Three Poems by JBMulligan

the bride of autumn, the same wind, noise

PDF Version

Three Poems by Amy Nawrocki

The Disguise of Flowers, Reparations, Threads

PDF Version

Three Poems by Charles Ramie

A Starry Night, Glory: An Endless Loop, Liking Her Cupcakes

PDF Version

Three Poems by Jennifer Weathers

Skinny Legs and All,” In Our House, Hunt for Sparrows

PDF Version

Three Poems by Samantha Zighelboim

Dream #1, Two Dreams about Emily Dickinson, I’m Not Saying

PDF Version

Lists: A List by Leslie F. Miller

A list of lists that fascinate the author.

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  1. Idetrorce Says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  2. Maximus Says:

    I would like to see a continuation of the topic

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